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Legal Nurse Consultants

A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) is an experienced, licensed registered nurse who specializes in the analysis of medical and health care facts and issues in a variety of different settings.  

Legal Nurse Consulting is the application of knowledge acquired during the course of professional nursing education, training, and clinical experience together with the additional knowledge of legal standards and/or strategies to the evaluation of standards of care, causation, damages and other medically-related issues.

Whether you are a sole practitioner, an attorney with a large firm, a claims administrator, an insurance or fraud investigator or even a mediator, a thorough understanding of the medical and health care facts and issues and how they apply to your case is essential. A LNC is the cost-effective and time-efficient resource for acheiving that understanding.

What should you know when hiring a Legal Nurse Consultant?

1. Know their background - look for someone who has a solid clinical background as well as a thorough understanding of medical trends and the total litigation process.  

2. Know that there is a difference between a certificate which indicates that the nurse learned the basics of legal nurse consulting and certification which signifies a higher level of compentency as measured against a set of standards, usually by application or exam.

3. Know that "LNCC" is the only certified legal nurse credential recognized by the American Board of Specialty Nursing (ABNS).  It signifies a minimum of five years of nursing experience, 2000 hours of prior work as a legal nurse consultant and passing a rigorous national board certification examination approved by the American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board. 

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